ZB-016 Bunker Extract on Woods

Escape from Tarkov is a popular multiplayer shooter game. It is known for its intense and challenging gameplay. In the game, players must navigate a post-apocalyptic world and survive encounters with hostile forces while collecting valuable loot. Successful extraction from the various maps is a crucial aspect of the game.


The ZB-016 Extract is one of the extraction points on the Escape from Tarkov's Woods map. Unlike many other extraction points in the game, the ZB-016 Extract does not require a key to access. For players who do not have a key or prefer not to use one, this makes it a valuable option.


To locate the ZB-016 Extract on the Woods map, players will need to head to the south-western part of the map. The extract is located near a small hut by the water. As players approach the area, they should look out for a green flare. The Green Flare serves as a visual indicator that the Extract is available and ready to use.


In order to access the ZB-016 Extract, the presence of the Green Flare is crucial. Players must wait until the flare is visible above the extraction point before attempting an extraction. If the Green Flare is not present, it means that the Extract is currently unavailable, and players will need to consider alternative options for extracting.


For those who prefer a visual guide, there are video guides which provide step-by-step instructions on how to locate the ZB-016 Extractor on the Woods Map. To ensure a smoother extraction process, these videos can be helpful in familiarising players with the location and identifying the green flare.


Do I need a key for ZB-16 Bunker Extract?

No, to extract through the ZB-16 Extract on Woods you won't need a key. A key is only needed for the ZB-14 Extract on Woods. 

Is ZB-016 Extract always open?

Nope, the ZB16 Bunker Extract on Woods is not always open. A lot of Extracts in Woods are only usable when certrain conditions are meet. The Bunker will show a green Flare on its top, if you can use it. 

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