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Scav Karma / Fence Reputation Guide
Escape from Tarkov · 30. Juni 2023
Escape from Tarkov is an intense and immersive Multiplayer Online Game. It takes players on a gripping journey through a war-torn and unforgiving area. An important aspect of gameplay in Escape from Tarkov is scav karma. Also known as fence karma. Scav karma is a measure of the reputation and standing a player has with the scavenger faction in the game. It is a measure of how friendly or hostile the scavs will be to the player when they encounter them. The accumulation of maximum fence karma or...
Escape from Tarkov · 30. Juni 2023
Surviving is key in the intense and unforgiving world of Escape from Tarkov. This video offers a glimpse at three key extracts: "Outskirts", "Scav House" and "ZB014". These extracts promise safety and respite from the constant danger that lurks around every corner. Outskirts serves as a vital extraction point for both PMCs and Scavs. It offers a glimmer of hope. A gateway to escape the war-torn city and its treacherous surroundings. Reaching the outskirts brings a sense of relief and...

ZB-016 Bunker Extract on Woods
Escape from Tarkov · 18. Juni 2023
Find out how to extract from ZB-016 in Woods in Escape from Tarkov.
Escape from Tarkov · 10. Juni 2023
Where to find the Far-forward current converter

Long Loading Times for Tarkov Scav Runs
Escape from Tarkov · 01. Januar 2023
In the computer game "Escape from Tarkov" (short: Tarkov) you can play with your main character the PMC or a random scav. Scav runs are possible every few minutes. However, players of Tarkov now face a problem. Scav Runs often have very long loading times. But why are these times so long and what can be done against the long loading times of your scav runs.