Rappelz Underworld private server - My Experiences

I am currently in the midst of exploring the Underworld private server, and I must admit, it has been quite an enjoyable journey.


This burgeoning server, built upon the foundation of Epic 9.1, has managed to strike a delicate balance between innovation and retaining the essence of the vanilla Rappelz experience.


One of the standout features of the Underworld server is the abundance of custom content seamlessly woven into the gameplay. While the server remains faithful to the core mechanics of the game, these custom additions inject freshness into familiar landscapes, adding a layer of excitement to the grind. Always feeling the creativity and the passions of the Dev. 


Speaking of grinding, it's worth noting that the grind factor on Underworld is well-calibrated. Engaging in repetitive activities is no longer a chore, but rather a gratifying endeavor. Taming creatures, a hallmark of the Rappelz universe, feels incredibly satisfying and genuinely rewarding. On the other hand it will mean that you have to farm your empty cards. And the taming will have some fails, since good Taming levels are hard to archieve and T-Pros are rare. 


One particularly commendable aspect of Underworld is its approach to in-game transactions. There's a distinct absence of pressure to engage with the cash shop. The focus remains on the immersive gameplay experience, where progression is tied more to effort and camaraderie than monetary transactions. So: No Cash-Crab. You can farm everything you'll need ingame. 


In the realm of stability, Underworld stands firm. The server exhibits remarkable stability, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience. The server administration is equally impressive, with quick and responsive handling of issues and concerns.


All in all, my journey through the Underworld server has been a gratifying one. With its dedication to the core Rappelz experience, well-balanced gameplay mechanics, and a responsive administration, this server has managed to carve its own niche in the world of private servers. As I continue to explore its depths, I find myself captivated by the intricate tapestry of gameplay it offers.

Rappelz Underworld current Rates

General Rates:


EXP: x3

JP: x3

Itemdrop: x5 (but be aware that the Dev has rewritten whole droptable by himself which results in custom droptable/-chances anyway)

Golddrop: x1

Lakdrop: x3

Tame: x1

Supported Languages: DE & EN


How to rate this private Rappelz Server?

As you know from my article about "how to find the best Rappelz private Servers", there are many different things which you can rate a server by. 

Server stability and speed

The speed of the server seems fine. I haven't noticed any crashes or lag in my time yet. 

Admin and community quality

There are many different servers. And while almost every server has their really special katib around, there are servers with a bunch of bad people and there are servers with great communitys. A thing which I really love on Rappelz Underworld is the great community, which loves to help and support. 


You're a PK (not pvp) fan, who just likes to rush to Endgame, choose the most OP One Hit class and then backstab farmers with PK ON? Well, you won't be happy here. 


To all the other guys who like a chill and grind experience, with nice guilds, nice community, helpful people and a Dev (Admin) who really cares about his community. 

Player Count

The Underworld server has witnessed a significant increase in its player base, particularly over the last few weeks. This influx of new players indicates a healthy and expanding community. The server boasts a well-functioning Auction House, fostering a thriving trade economy.


Abundant shops and diverse opportunities for duo, trio, and dungeon parties enrich the gameplay experience, catering to various playstyles. As Underworld's player count continues to rise, its foundation for a dynamic and interconnected player ecosystem becomes increasingly evident.

Balance Updates and EXP Rate

The Underworld Server's approach to gameplay sets a deliberate tone with its x3 EXP rate, purposefully inviting players to savor every step of their journey. This measured pace not only encourages a more profound connection with the game world but also ensures that each accomplishment is met with a palpable sense of pride.


Furthermore, the commitment to balanced gameplay is evident in the meticulous design of classes. While the classes are inherently well-balanced, the server's administrators remain open to constructive criticism and valuable player feedback. This willingness to adapt and fine-tune classes based on warranted input reflects their dedication to maintaining fairness and ensuring an engaging experience for all.


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