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Rappelz · 27. August 2023
If you ever wondered about where to farm and tame the mighty Forrest Pixies in Rappelz, then you'll find here an answer. This video will show you 3 spots where you can search Wind Pixies and Forrest Pixies. If you wonder more about the Ethereal Pixie, then feel free to check here.
Rappelz · 18. August 2023
Hi guys, talking here about a recent found private server of rappelz, which I really enjoy.

Rappelz · 13. Juli 2023
This is a Rappelz Guide on how to upgrade your level 160 Armor from PW to lvl 200 Blue Dragon Armor. Rappelz Nusylites Armor Rappelz Fluminis Armor Rappelz Inferno Armor Rappelz Reviac Armor Rappelz Blue Dragon Armor
100% Perf Block Templar in Rappelz
Rappelz · 18. Juni 2023
Using a 100% perf Block Templar in Dungeon Party in Rappelz.

Rappelz Overlord Weapons
Rappelz · 02. Juni 2023
🇩🇪 German Version below
Rappelz Maximum Taming lvl 23+10
Rappelz · 20. Mai 2023
Rappelz, the popular MMORPG, offers players the exciting opportunity to tame a variety of creatures and train them as loyal pets. Taming pets not only provides companionship. It also enhances the gameplay with their unique abilities. In this article, we will take a closer look at the concept of Maximum Creature Taming Level in Rappelz. We will also give you tips on how to easily tame your pets. Where to Tame Wind Pixie? Where to Tame Ethereal Pixie? Taming Rate and Challenges: The chance of...

Where to tame the Ethereal Pixie
Rappelz · 12. Mai 2023
Where can I Tamen the Ethereal Pixie in Rappelz? This is a question that many players ask themselves. Because the EP is a useful pet with its powerful heals and AOEs. The EP can be tamed near the Laksy Anchor Teleporter. You can see the exact position here on the map.
Rappelz where to tame Wind Pixie?
Rappelz · 12. Mai 2023
Rappelz Wind Pixie Tame

Rappelz · 26. April 2023
Rappelz Boss Card Sammlung
Rappelz · 22. April 2023
Hier findest du alle Übersetzungen zu den Klassen und Rassen in Rappelz.

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