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Rappelz is a popular MMORPG. It offers a variety of classes for players to choose from. One such class is the Overlord, which stands out as a unique and intriguing option. The Overlord class in Rappelz is associated with the race known as Asura. 


As an Overlord, players can summon and command powerful creatures to help them fight. Which classifies him as a Pet Class.


These pets have their own skills and abilities that can greatly enhance the Overlord's combat power and serve as valuable companions. 


The nature of the Overlord as a pet class sets him apart from the other classes in Rappelz. The Overlord excels at commanding his pets to engage enemies, control the battlefield and unleash devastating attacks, while other classes focus on direct combat or spellcasting. For players who enjoy mastering the art of pet management, this unique play style offers an exciting and refreshing experience.


Quick Facts

Basic Job 1. Job 2. Second Masterclass
Stepper Summoner Battle Summoner Overlord

Wich Weapon should Overlord use?

The Overlord in Rappelz can use different Weapons. A Shield is common. While some servers will need a Dagger or other weapon, some of the private Servers like gambit recommend a X-Bow. 


X-Bow + Shield 

Rappelz Overlord Weapons
Rappelz Overlord Weapons

Which skill should I use for the Armor, Gloves, Boots and Emblem?

For the Overlord there are 2 possible skills to choose for the armor. 

Blood Synergy and Electric Syngery. Most Overlords seem to choose the Blood Synergy Skill. 

"Blood Synergy" or "Electric Synergy

Blood Synergy is the most common choice of any Overlord in Rappelz. The skill is Strength based. Mainly used for Pets like the Wind Pixie.



The other skill is "Electric Synergy". Its an Intelligence based skill. Being better for Magic Pets like the Ethereal Pixie

Which Soul Stones should I try to get for my Overlord?

The Overlord got kinda easy and cheap Sets. For the Soul Stones you go for Str. and Int. Soul Stones. 


If you go for Electric Synergy then you will do 2x INT, 1x STR. 

If you go for Blood Synergy you gotto go for 2x STR, 1x INT.

Soul Stones for the Overlord?
Soul Stones for the Overlord?

Which Armor, Boots and Gloves should I buy?

Boots M. Res or Perf Block
Boots 3S Evasion 
Boots 3S Move Speed
Gloves 3S Doesn't matter, CP is not needed
Armor 4S Again doesn't matter, as long you got 4 Slots

Which Awakenings and Sky Bonus will I need?

Depending on if you go for Electric Snyergy or Blood Synergy your Overlord will go for INT (Electric) or STR (Blood)

Rappelz Overlord Ring Choice
Rappelz Overlord Ring Choice

Which Boss Cards does the Overlord choose?

The Overlord goes for 

  • Devil Slaughterer
  • Magma Golem
  • Stone Gargoyle


Devil Slaughterer Card | Overlord Belt
Devil Slaughterer Card | Overlord Belt
Magma Golem  Boss Card | Overlord Belt
Magma Golem Boss Card | Overlord Belt
Stone Gargoyle Boss Card  | Overlord Belt
Stone Gargoyle Boss Card | Overlord Belt

Which Boss Cards for Rappelz Overlord?

The Belt Pets for the Overlord can be kinda similar to the ones of the Mercenary. Check the full list here


Most people go for 

  • Mino
  • Mino
  • Mino
  • Naga
  • Unicorn
Belt Pets
Belt Pets

Which Buffs will need a Buff Gear?

Aura of Inspiration
Aura of Inspiration
Swift Impact?
Swift Impact?
Fevor Aura
Fevor Aura

Which Pets will the Overlord use?

The most effective Pet on a Blood Synergy Overlord (OL) is a Wind Pixie. It got strong auto attacks, decent heals and strong AOE / DOTs. 

Wind Pixie?
Wind Pixie?

Most Overlords are using 2x S5 Wind Pixie. 

Some tend to use BS as well, while the double WP seems to be the strongest. 


If the Overlord goes for the Electric Synergy then the Ethereal Pixie will be the way to go. 

Which Weapons will the Wind Pixie use?

Wind Pixie will go for

  • 2h Mace
  • Shield 
  • Necklace for more damage / Earrings for more defence
  • 2x CP 
  • Yushiva Belt 


Stones should be CP and INT. 


Of course you can change the Equip into cloaks or others, but this build seems to be the cheapest. 

Wind Pixie Weapon, Armor, Equip
Wind Pixie Weapon, Armor, Equip

Which Pet Potion shoud my Overlord use?

There are different Pet Potions which Overlords can use. I prefer the Hektor one. Because it adds Str + INT. 

MOWT - Might of the Underworld

One skill of the Overlord is the "Might of the Underworld" skill. Its a special skill which takes off Vit and Str from your pet and pass it to your charakter. New Overlords often ask the question if they should use this skill, because it weakens the pets. 


After testing this mechanic extensively, I have found that it makes sense to activate the skill. 


Because first MOTW takes values from your pets. Through the passives, however, it gives the pets much more status points again. 

Lava Deco or normal Deco with slot

The Overlord is an exciting class. Because it is a lot cheaper than most of the other classes in Rappelz. This is due to the fact that it does not require lava decoration. Because the Overlord does not need CP. 


So you can take normal decoration and add STR stones to it. This gives the Overlord maximum efficiency. 

Costume with Socket
Costume with Socket

Which Buffs and Buff Slaves should the Overlord use?

The Overlords Pets are super strong and tanky. But this won't be enough if you want to go for the strongest Places like the Sky Fortress. In this case you will need some additional Buffs for your Overlord. 


  • Gnoll Buff on your Pixies
  • Master Breeder Defense Buffs on your Pixies
  • Death Tyrant Buff

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