100% Perf Block Templar in Rappelz

Templar named best tank in Rappelz


The Templar class is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to being the best tank in the popular MMORPG Rappelz. With their exceptional defensive abilities and crowd control skills, Templars excel at damage absorption and the protection of their party members.




Using 100% Perf Block Gear

It's important to equip a Templar with the right gear to maximise their tanking potential. One strategy that has proven to be very effective is to use 100% perfect block gear. Perfect block gear increases the Templar's chance of blocking incoming attacks, reducing damage and allowing them to survive the toughest encounters.

Dungeon Party with a Master Breeder

A popular way for players to tackle challenging content together in Rappelz is through the Dungeon Party (DP) system. When it comes to running DP with a Templar, teaming up with a Master Breeder can be a game changer. The Master Breeder class specialises in providing powerful buffs and support to its allies. This makes it an ideal partner for a Templar in a dungeon setting.

Master Breeder with Dual Ethereal Pixie

The Master Breeder should consider using two Ethereal Pixies to further enhance the synergy between a Templar and a Master Breeder. These magical creatures provide additional support. Their abilities include healing, damage reduction, and increased resistances. The combination of the Templar's buffs and the Master Breeder's buffs will greatly increase the party's survivability.

Fast Kill Speed

Tanking is the primary role of the Templar. However, they are not to be underestimated when it comes to damage output. Templars have access to powerful offensive skills that can quickly eliminate enemies. By focusing on a balance of defence and offence, a well-trained Templar can contribute to the party's overall killing speed. This makes dungeon runs more efficient and rewarding.

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