Where to farm and tame Forrest Pixie

If you ever wondered about where to farm and tame the mighty Forrest Pixies in Rappelz, then you'll find here an answer. This video will show you 3 spots where you can search Wind Pixies and Forrest Pixies. 


If you wonder more about the Ethereal Pixie, then feel free to check here. 

Forrest Pixie in Rappelz

The mystical world of creatures and companions introduces us to the mesmerizing entity known as the Forest Pixie. This ethereal being, often unseen by the naked eye, holds a special place within the realm of magic and wonder. 


As a creature glyph and a beloved pet, the Forest Pixie exudes an air of intrigue. Its rarity is classified as 'Normal,' showcasing its accessibility and potential for companionship. Its physical nature is balanced by its unique attack type - Ranged. This makes the Forest Pixie an expert marksman from a distance, displaying both finesse and strategic prowess.


The Forest Pixie excels in three remarkable qualities: Agility, Evasion, and Attack Speed. These attributes not only underline its dexterity but also accentuate its role as a swift and elusive presence within its enchanted domain.


The Forest Pixie is closely associated with the lush haven of Laksy, nestled within the enigmatic expanse of Fairy's Woods. Here, this remarkable creature can be encountered, a guardian of nature's secrets and mysteries. While it embodies the essence of a Normal Pet, its prowess lies in its proficiency for Ranged Attacks.


Venturing to tame the Forest Pixie requires a unique and coveted item: the Forest Pixie Card. Enjoy Taming.


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