Scav Karma / Fence Reputation Guide

Escape from Tarkov is an intense and immersive Multiplayer Online Game. It takes players on a gripping journey through a war-torn and unforgiving area.


An important aspect of gameplay in Escape from Tarkov is scav karma. Also known as fence karma. Scav karma is a measure of the reputation and standing a player has with the scavenger faction in the game. It is a measure of how friendly or hostile the scavs will be to the player when they encounter them.


The accumulation of maximum fence karma or scav karma requires a combination of actions and behaviours that are in line with the scavenger code of conduct. This includes helping other scavs, not attacking friendly scavs, and making a positive contribution to the goals of the scavenger faction. By doing this, players can increase their Scav Karma, which unlocks various benefits and rewards. You can get positive scav karma as well as a Scav or as a PMC. 


There are a number of reasons why scav karma is important. First and foremost, it affects how the AI-controlled scavs react to the player. A high level of scav karma means that friendly scavs are more likely to assist the player in a firefight. Conversely, low scav karma can cause scavs to become hostile. This can make survival even more difficult.


Scav Karma also plays a role in the game's economy. It can affect the availability and price of items offered by vendors. This makes it easier to acquire rare or desirable equipment. Having a high level of Scav Karma can also open up new opportunities to trade and ally with other players in the game.


Consistent effort and adherence to the scavenger code is required to maintain a positive scavenger karma rating. So don't act like a salty boy and let scavs live. :-) 


And yupp "Scav karma" and "fence karma" or "fence reputation" is the same. You'll find this number in the trader menu, when you have a look to fence. 

How to increase the Scav Karma

Follow these simple instructions if you want to know how to increase your scvav karma (or fence karma).


  • Use Car Extracts as a PMC
  • Use Co-Op Extracts
  • Survive a Scav Raid 
  • Complete Fence / Scav Quests
  • Help a Scav
  • Help a Scav Boss (Guard)
  • Kill Traitor Scavs
  • Kill PMCs who killed Scav Buddys

How much fence reputation will I get for this?

You should try to do the things that give you the most scav karma first if you want to get a lot of fence reputation.

Scav Karma Changes
Use car extraction as PMC +0,4*
Use co-op Extracts  +0,4*
Extract from a Scav Raid  +0,01
Scav Quests max +0,04
Kill a PMC who killed Scavies +0,02
Help Scavs +0,01
Help Scav Boss Guards +0,02
Help Scav Boss +0,05
Kill Traitor Scavies +0,03

*You can do car extracts or co-op on different maps. Have a look at my YouTube channel for all the car extracts. These are for example 'Streets of Tarkov', 'Woods', 'Customs', 'Interchange' & 'Lighthouse'. The first time you complete each one, you get +0.4 on each map. The amount decreases from level to level. Try to spam them as quickly as you can. 

What will lower my Fence Reputation?

Your fence reputation (Scav karma) will be lowered by various things. Just keep in mind that you don't want to be a jerk and don't kill other scavs or player scavs. Scavs don't kill other scavs. And even if the bosses like Shturman or Tagilla are going to shoot your cute little scav, DON'T SHOOT THEM BACK. 

This will lower you're fence reputation:

  • Killing AI Scavs
  • Killing Player Scavs
  • Fighting back Scav Bosses


Just shooting another Scav won't make you lose Scav Karma. Only killing does so. 

Advantages of having high Scav Karma

Your Scav karma has an impact on various aspects of the game:


  • Fee amount for car extractions: Your Scav karma level affects the fee you have to pay for utilizing car extractions, such as "Woods V-Ex" on Woods. Higher karma levels will result in reduced fees.


  • Scav case time in the Hideout: The time it takes for your Scav case to complete its operation in the Hideout is influenced by your Scav karma level. Higher karma levels may lead to faster turnaround times.


  • Fence's prices for items sold: The amount of money you receive from Fence when selling items is influenced by your Scav karma level. Higher karma levels can result in better payouts.


  • Fence Elite Level Shop for cool Scavs: With a karma level of +6,01 or higher, you gain access to an additional sales tab at Fence. This tab offers a 30% discount on certain items, providing an advantage for players with high karma.


  • Scav game mode cooldown: Your Scav karma level affects the cooldown time for the Scav game mode. Higher karma levels may reduce the time you have to wait between Scav runs. Lets spam Scav Runs buddy.


  • Available extractions in Scav game mode: The number of extraction points available to you in the Scav game mode is influenced by your Scav karma level. Higher karma levels may provide access to more extraction options. This is one of the coolest advantages of good Fence Reputation.


  • Gear set quality in Scav game mode: The quality of the gear you start with in the Scav game mode is affected by your Scav karma level. Higher karma levels may grant better starting equipment.


  • AI-Scavs' response to commands: Boss of da Scavies. The likelihood of AI-Scavs following your commands, such as "Follow" or "Hold Position," in the Scav game mode is influenced by your Scav karma level. Higher karma levels increase the chance of AI-Scavs obeying your orders.


  • Support from AI-Scavs and Scav bosses: With a very high karma level (6+), AI-Scavs will assist player Scavs by attacking their targets, and Scav bosses will be considered allies. This can provide valuable support and increase your chances of survival.


  • Hostility of AI-Scavs: With a very low karma level (-5), AI-Scavs will attack you on sight, posing a significant threat. Maintaining a positive karma level is essential to avoid hostile encounters.


It's important to note that the effects mentioned above change at every whole number (+1, -4, etc.), so even small shifts in your Scav karma level can have an impact on gameplay.

How to get max fence rep / scav karma fast
How to get max fence rep / scav karma fast

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