Top 10 Bunker Bases in Rust

In the computer game Rust you need a base. In this base you'll store the most important resources, weapons and items. There is not only your workbench, but also your tool cupboard. 


If you don't want to be raided by other players, you should always build a bunker base. 


Bunker Bases are the current meta regardings Base Designs

The strongest Bunker Base Designs in Rust
The strongest Bunker Base Designs in Rust

What is a Bunker Base Design?

When I started with Rust I couldn't do much with the term bunker base. I first assumed that it meant bases that were very large and strong and therefore like a "bunker". 


In fact, the definition of a bunker base in Rust is a little different. 


Rust has a unique building system, which I would like to praise at this point. Because of the building system, you actually need doors or windows to enter a base. 


With Bunker Base designs, you take advantage of features in the building system that allow you to create a temporary exit by placing or removing Twig buildings. When you go offline you close this exit again. This way the inside of your Base never has a door. And raiders have to go through metal or high quality walls to get to your loot. 


This makes a raid at least 8x C4 or 15x Rockets more expensive. Without a bunker base you lose. 

1 - The suicide bunker

One very simple way of building a bunker in Rust is a suicide bunker. This type of bunker can no longer be opened. However, you have a sleeping bag both inside and outside. So you can spawn on either side. You can transfer loot back and forth with the help of a vending machine or a dropbox. 

2 - Cave Bunker Bases

Cave bunkers are among my favorite bunkers in Rust. Because of the special nature of caves, you can build very special bunkers here. My heaviest bunker contained four individual bunkers and raid costs of over 100x Rockets. I built this base twice and split my loot. In order for raiders to get everything, they had to use 200x Rockets. 

3 - Half Stair Bunker

Another exciting bunker is the one where you block your door with a staircase. 

4 - The starter Bunker Base

One of my favorite bases is the "Starter Bunker". It lets you get an easy start in Rust. Because with the help of this base it is very easy to build up a strong defense. The base uses different elevation levels.

5 - Cave Base Double Bunker

Here, too, you'll find an exciting cave-base design. Similar to what great channels like Alone in Tokyo or Willjum have already used. This base allows for a strong defense with very little upkeep. 

6 & 7 - 2 strong Starter Packs

Often it has to go very fast and you need a small starter base. You then want to convert this into a bunker. There are several ways to do this. You can see two of these possibilities here in this video. 

8 - Bunker Base Design for every base

9, 10, 11, 12 - Heavy Bunker Base Designs

You can find four of my favorite base designs in this video. From stair bunkers to HJUNE bunkers to classic Serenity bunkers, everything is represented here. 

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