Tugboat FAQ Guide in Rust

Prepare to set sail on the grandest vessel in all of Rust, dear community! Let me introduce you to the awe-inspiring Tugboat, a true marvel of engineering that will capture your hearts and ignite your sense of adventure.


Amongst all the boats in Rust, the Tugboat reigns supreme as the largest and most impressive. While it may accommodate only one player by default, its deck generously welcomes numerous additional players without the fear of being pushed off, unlike its smaller counterparts such as the motor rowboat or the RHIB.


What sets the Tugboat apart from other boats is its unique ability to grant building authorization, just like a trusty tool cupboard, right at the steering wheel. With three doorways at your disposal, authorized users can secure their domain by placing doors and locks. Two of these doorways lead to the majestic bridge, allowing you to command the ship's course, while the third grants access to a storage room below deck. Downstairs, you'll have the freedom to arrange various essentials, including bags, boxes, furnaces, lockers, and workbenches, creating a personalized haven within this maritime masterpiece.


Where does the Tugboat spawn?

For those eager to set sail on the grand Tugboat in Rust, let's uncover its elusive spawn locations.


Currently, two Tugboats can be found at each harbor, making a total of four Tugs per map. These majestic vessels cannot be purchased and are considered rare treasures in the game. Sadly there is no spawn at the Ferry Terminal Monument


In the event that a Tugboat is destroyed, fear not. Another one will spawn at a Harbor approximately 30 minutes later, ensuring its presence remains in the game.


How much fuel needs the Tug boat

The Tugboat in Rust consumes Low Grade Fuel. Per hour the Tugboat will need 1.188 Low Grade fuel. 

How long until the Tugboat decays?

In the vast world of Rust, the Tugboat's lifespan is marked by the passage of time. After a resilient journey spanning 60 hours, the Tugboat begins to show signs of decay. Its once robust structure gradually weakens, succumbing to the relentless forces of nature. As the hours tick away, adventurers must make the most of their time aboard this majestic vessel before it fades into a memory of Rust's ever-changing landscape.

How to destroy the Tugboat

You better use a submarine or make yourself ready for wasting a lot of sulfur. 

  • 11 High Velocity Rockets
  • 8 C4
  • 769 Explo Ammo
  • 54 Satchel
  • 2400 Incendiary Rockets
  • 10 MLRS Rockets
  • 120 HE Grenades
  • 3000 Fire Arrows
  • 68 Grenades
  • 16 normal Rockets
  • 12 Torpedos (only 240 sulfur!!)

How to repair the Tugboat

You'll need a Hammer or Garrys Mod Tool Gun to repair the Tugboat. A full repair will cost 37 Metal Fragments and 113 Wood.

Can I build an Airlock on the Tugboat?

Yes. You can build an Airlock on your Tugboat. Easy description for this will be found in the video linked in this Blog Post. 

Can I place Shotgun Traps or Auto Turrets on the Tugboat?

No, both (Shotgun Traps and Turrets) are not anymore possible to place on the Tugboat. In the first days of the update it was possible to do so. But some hotfix later there are no Traps left, which you can use for the Rust Tugboat. 

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