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Rust Dome Tutorial and Guide
Rust Dome Tutorial and Guide

One of the monuments in Rust is the dome. To be honest, the dome is actually my favorite monument. Because you can easily get four military crates as well as some normal crates and a whole bunch of crude oil and low grade fuel.

How to climb to the top of the Dome?

If you want to climb onto the roof of "The Dome" in Rust, then it's actually very easy. There are different ways I would like to show you one of them here. The way to the dome is shown in this video.

Rust: Fastest way off the Dome Monument?

It goes down a lot faster. Follow the pipes on the roof of "The Dome Monument" and jump down there. Normally your character would be "wounded". With the trick from this video, you can survive the fall without damage.

Rust where to Camp the Dome?

lol..srs..fkin campers.

Rust Dome Respawn Timer on Crates

When do the crates in the dome respawn? One of the most common questions. However, it is difficult to answer this question because the respawn times depend on the population. The more players are on the server, the more often the crates respawn.

Rust how much Radiation on the Dome?

When it comes to radiation, the dome comes off quite well. You can loot the oil barrels under the dome naked. No radiation protection is necessary here. The two small towers can also be looted without further ado.


To climb the dome, you need at least 10% radiation protection.

CCTV - Rust Dome CCTV Code for The Dome Monument?

If you have a computer station, you can monitor the dome. DOMETOP and DOME1 are the necessary codes for this.

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