Ferry Terminal Monument Rust Guide

Brace yourself for a new monument in July 2023 that promises even more adventures and challenges.


If you're searching for the best loot positions or want to optimize your gameplay, you're in the right place. 

Quick Facts Ferry Terminal

The Ferry Terminal is the newest monument in Rust. It came with a new update in July 2023. Here you can find some information about the new monument. 

Radiation at the Ferry Terminal

If you are wondering if there is radiation in the Ferry Terminal Monument, the answer is simple. The Ferry Terminal Monument does not contain any radiation. Players can enter without Radiation protection. 

How much Loot is at the Ferry Terminal?

  • 20+ Barrels (lot of Fuel)
  • 10+ Brown Crates (some tend to be mili crates)
  • 1 Green Card

Deployables at Ferry Terminal

  • Recylcler 
  • Research Table
  • Repair Bench

NPC Scientists at the Ferry Terminal

No, there are no NPC Scientists guarding the Ferry Terminal. The Terminal is kinda save, as long as you don't meet other players. 

Loot Map of all the Crates in Ferry Terminal

In this Loot Map Picture you can find all the Loot Spots in the Ferry Terminal Monument in Rust. 

Rust - Loot Crate Spawn Map in Ferry Terminal Monument
Rust - Loot Crate Spawn Map in Ferry Terminal Monument

General Monument Information

Monument Bliss


Prepare to be amazed, Rust community! Let's embark on a thrilling adventure as we explore the wonders of the Ferry Terminal Monument. This magnificent creation, originally designed for the Nexus Server Swap system, brings an abundance of joy to the game.


Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring visual representation of the Ferry Terminal. Resembling the grandeur of the Large and Small Harbor, it features a sprawling multi-pier port. Marvel at the miniature lighthouse that guides the way, the bustling terminal office, and a warehouse building equipped with a car lift. As you traverse the monument, you'll encounter a wide roadway adorned with trucks, a tank, and even a non-functional MLRS vehicle, adding to the excitement.


Venture slightly offshore, and you'll discover a network of protective Seawalls, safeguarding daily operations from turbulent tidal surges. Amongst the rocks, a stationary tugboat stands as a testament to the resilience of this monument, although it remains non-functional.


Similar to its harbor counterparts, the Ferry Terminal offers a diverse array of loot, although it may not always be consistent. Be prepared for a thrilling scavenger hunt as barrels appear in unexpected places, often requiring a keen eye to track them down. Boxes and crates, on the other hand, have their own reliable spots but can still surprise you with their sporadic spawn rate.


The true nature of the Ferry Terminal's resource abundance becomes apparent when considering the population of the server. To the untrained eye, it may seem scarce, but to the persistent and adventurous souls who dare to explore every nook and cranny, it reveals itself as a true treasure trove. The excitement of uncovering hidden secrets and conquering daring jump puzzles awaits those with a thirst for discovery.


Join me, fellow Rust enthusiasts, as we revel in the marvels of the Ferry Terminal Monument. Let us embrace the joy of exploration, face the challenges it presents, and celebrate the beauty and surprises that Rust has to offer. Together, we shall conquer this wondrous world and create unforgettable memories along the way.

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