How to kill the APC Bradley Tank in Rust

How to kill Bradley in Rust?
How to kill Bradley in Rust?

The tank "APC Bradley" is one of the strongest opponents that you will face in the game Rust


If you visit this final enemy without being properly prepared for the fight, you will probably die and lose all your loot. 

Thoose items can kill Bradley

Bradley's strong armor can only be hurt by explosive projectiles. The most effective way to defeat the Bradley Tank is 7x High Velocity Rockets. 


The cheapest method is about 40 F1 grenades. 

Weapon Amount Sulfur needed
High Velocity Rockets 7x  1400
F1 Grenade 40 2400
C4 3 6600
Satchel 20 9600
Explo Ammo 571 14275
Rockets 11 15400
Beancan 191 22920
MLRS Rockets 7 /
40mm HE Grenades 82 /

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