How to identify the ghost in Phasmophobia


Are you a newcomer to the spine-tingling world of Phasmophobia, grappling with the cryptic specters that haunt the virtual realm? You're not alone!


Many players find themselves lost in the labyrinth of paranormal investigation, desperately seeking guidance to decipher the enigmatic Ghost Types lurking in the darkness.


Fear not, for you've stumbled upon the very sanctuary of knowledge you seek. Within these digital corridors, we shall unravel the mysteries that shroud the ethereal entities in Phasmophobia. Whether you're struggling to discern between a Banshee and a Revenant or wondering how to spot the elusive Wraith, we've got you covered.


Join us on this spectral journey as we shed light on the ghostly enigmas that haunt your Phasmo adventures. Welcome to your guide on identifying Ghost Types in Phasmophobia, where all your questions shall find their answers.


Happy ghost hunting! 🕵️‍♂️👻

List of all Ghost Types in Phasmo

  • Spirit
  • Wraith
  • Phantom
  • Poltergeist
  • Banshee
  • Jinn
  • Mare
  • Revenant
  • Shade
  • Demon
  • Yurei
  • Oni
  • Yokai
  • Hantu
  • Goryo
  • Myling
  • Onryo
  • The Twins
  • Raiju
  • Obake
  • The Mimic
  • Moroi
  • Deogen
  • Thaye

Identifiying all Ghost Types in Phasmophobia very easy

In Phasmophobia, identifying ghosts can sometimes be accomplished through their behaviors and actions, even in the absence of concrete evidence. Below, we outline various ghost behaviors that can aid in their identification.

Spirit - Phasmo

Spirits become noticeable if you stay through your initial hunt. They have a smudge timer of 3 minutes, so if a second hunt starts before that time, it's likely not a Spirit. They move at a speed of 1.7 m/s.


Wraiths are relatively easy to identify because they won't leave footprints in salt, even though they move at a standard speed of 1.7 m/s. Currently they are not even stepping in Salt. 


Phantoms can be a bit tricky to spot. During a hunt, if you notice that the ghost stays invisible longer while you're watching it closely, it might be a Phantom. Their speed is also 1.7 m/s.

Polti - The Poltergeist

Known as the "thrower," Poltergeists quickly throw items, often multiple at a time, and can hurl objects farther than other ghosts. They share the same speed of 1.7 m/s.


Banshees primarily target a single player in multiplayer games. If you see the ghost bypassing others and relentlessly pursuing one player, it's likely a Banshee. They move at 1.7 m/s.

Jinn (Djinn) in Phasmo

Identifying Jinn is challenging since their ability depends on generators, which can be unreliable due to game mechanics. Their speed remains consistent at 1.7 m/s.

Mare - Your nightmare in Phasmophobia

Mares frequently turn off lights and rarely turn them back on. If you experience a ghost event where lights go out, it might be a Mare. Their speed is 1.7 m/s.

Revenant Ghost

Revenants are slow when they don't see you (1.0 m/s), but they become the fastest when in pursuit (3.0 m/s). Smudging can slow them down to 1.0 m/s again.

Shade - the lamer

Shades won't hunt if you're in their zone or room. If they only start hunting after you've left or if you see them stepping in salt moving away from you before hunting, they are likely Shades. Their speed is 1.7 m/s.

Demon (never died that often than to this boi)

To identify a Demon, check the smudge timer. They can start hunting at the 1-minute mark after smudging, which is earlier than the usual 90 seconds. Their speed is 1.7 


Yurei's primary ability is door manipulation. If you notice a lot of doors shutting, it might be a Yurei. Their speed is 1.7 m/s.


Onis flash less during hunts, meaning they stay on screen more than other ghosts. They also can't trigger The Mist Ball event, and their speed is 1.7 m/s.


Identifying Yokai is tough. They don't react to talking or electronic devices until they are very close, but they can see you at a normal range. Their speed is 1.7 m/s.


Hantu's speed varies with temperature. When it's colder, it moves faster, but near a campfire, it slows down. You'll also see frozen breath when it hunts.

The Colder it is the faster it goes in fog you might see it moving at around 2.3 m/s to 2.5 m/s. If you move it to the campfire and turn the campfire on this speed drops right down to slower than a normal ghost. Another big tell is that when its hunting you will see puffs of Frozen Breath from the ghost.


This one is hard. Start collecting Evidence better.. It doesn't change ghost rooms. Speed 1.7 m/s



Mylings are stealthy ghosts with quieter sounds at a distance, making them hard to detect until they get close. Speed 1.7 m/s


Onryo won't hunt if it's close to a lit candle, but it will eventually hunt after extinguishing three candles.


The Twins perform two interactions simultaneously in different locations and have two hunt speeds (1.53 m/s and 1.87 m/s).


Thaye is consistently fast (2.75 m/s) and slows only when you're close, allowing for quick investigations.

Deo or Deogen

Deogen charges at 3.0 m/s but slows down to 0.4 m/s when you're close.

He's the Meme Ghost of Phasmo Game.


Moroi has a faster speed of 2.25 m/s, increasing to 3.71 m/s as it sees you, and a longer blinded duration after smudging.


The Mimic can mimic any ghost, but there will always be ghost orbs at its location, even with zero evidence.


Obake has a rare chance to change its appearance during flashes, making it identifiable by shape-shifting.


Raiju loves electronics and speeds up near them, moving at a standard 1.7 m/s otherwise.

Ghost identification in Phasmo

In the game Phasmophobia, identifying ghosts based on their behavior is a crucial skill for successful paranormal investigations. Each ghost type exhibits unique traits and tendencies, and understanding these characteristics is essential for a successful outcome. By observing and analyzing their actions, you can make informed decisions during your ghost hunts. With practice and attention to detail, you'll become proficient in distinguishing one ghost type from another. Happy ghost hunting!

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