How often does Bradley respawn?

Rust is a cool game. It offers a lot of different End-Game NPC Opponents. For example the Patrol Helicopter, the Oil Rig, the military tunnels or the Cargo Ship


You want to defeat bradley? Well then you need to know how often bradley respawns. 

This is how often bradley respawns

If you already know who bradley is, you probally want to defeat him. 

For this its important to know how often he spawns. Bradley is a Tank who spawns on the launch site. 


He respawns after 60 Minutes. Oncest Bradley got killed by a rust player it will take exactly 60 Minutes, until he comes back. This makes him different to most of the other End-Game-Bosses in Rust. Because all the other PVE Opponents respawn due to a timer, which is calculated by server population. 

How often does bradley respawns
How often does bradley respawns

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